Closing a sale is not always easy – Successful sales people work hard at adapting their strategies, remaining positive in the face of rejection, and staying persistent and determined no matter what. Even if you just had a great sales call or rocked the presentation, there's always a chance you could lose to the competition, “now’s just not the right time” or they’ll request a price you just can't deliver.

A surefire way to improve your sales technique is to focus on your closing statements - using the right words is an easy way to positively impact the final decision. The final few sentences you use at the end of a sale are key to turning a prospect into a client.

Use these 6 non-aggressive closing statements to put the buyer at ease without completely taking off the pressure - and ultimately help you generate more revenue.

  1. “Is there any reason, if we come in at this bid price, you wouldn't want to work with us?”

  2. Sometimes it’s better to just keep it simple. You completed a great sales call, your presentation went off without a hitch, the buyer seems genuinely impressed and pleased with what you’ve offered. It’s time for the decision to be made. Finishing up with this question and phrasing the decision as a “chance” instead of asking for a commitment that carries a big responsibility downplays the risk involved and makes the buyer feel at ease.

  3. “Tell me your thoughts.”

  4. If you’re in a situation where you aren’t sure the buyer is convinced or you sense doubts, try using this phrase. Not only does it show the customer that you care about what they have to say, but this also allows the buyer to voice their concerns or ask questions to get clarification. And the other benefit? It allows you to gauge how ready to buy they might be to make a decision. From there, you will likely know how to proceed with the conversation.

  5. “We look forward to meeting your every need.”

  6. This is a great way to close a sales email. The word “need” indicates to potential buyers that you are genuinely excited about working hard for them and resolving any issues or concerns they may have. “Looking forward” has a positive connotation, telling the customer that you are enthusiastic and committed to their satisfaction.

  7. “We know our product (or service) is a perfect match for you…”

  8. Confidence shows you believe in your product, yourself, and your ability to solve your buyers problem. The trick here is only to use the phrase (and any other phrases) if you actually mean it. Letting a buyer know you believe that your product is a good fit for their needs may put some questions to rest in the buyer's mind. After all, you are the expert. If you’ve done your part to solicit trust, this phrase should be well-accepted.

  9. “Unless you have any more questions or concerns, I think we’re ready to get started.”

  10. This more assertive approach lets the buyer know where you stand but still leaves the door open for them to get more information. If you did a thorough job of finding and debunking buyer objections, they will likely respond with something like, “Alright, let’s do this!”

  11. “Just one more thing…”

  12. And last, but certainly not least… The post-sales “Just one more thing”’ close. Here’s why it works: When a prospective buyer is being sold to, they know it. They naturally have their guard up and are in defense mode, ready to pull out of the conversation if you become too pushy or they begin to question your motives or product if something seems off… Therefore, when the sales call is ending and you’re about to leave, customers tend to relax and are at ease, sensing that the sales process is drawing to a close and they are no longer being “sold to.” Prospects typically let their guard down and this is the perfect time to deliver a powerful statement or go ahead and directly ask for the sale. It’s casual, catches them without their sales guard up, and makes them quickly evaluate your product and their feelings about buying.

    Using a strong closing statement is the most important part of sales. Practice different closing statements to find the one that feels authentic to your business and sales style!

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