Have a concrete or asphalt job to do? Where do you begin? Well, for starters, know the scope of your project.

Not knowing the measurements and the shape and size of a concrete or asphalt space before beginning a project is like baking a cake without ever looking at a recipe. Or maybe you’ve gathered measurements by hand, but do you have aerial images? Do you have aerial view drawings to give you an overall picture of the project? Do you have the exact total surface area to give you a better scope of the project?

Don’t guess; get exact measurements.

And even if you’ve hand measured a space, you’re at risk of encountering human error in your measurements, which could mean an inaccurate estimate, a far off material order or a poorly estimated timeframe of the work to be completed.

So if you don’t want to find yourself lost or stuck in the middle of a project without a general idea of what your concrete or asphalt area looks like or what the exact measurements of it are, get a third-party scope report from ConcreteScope. We guarantee we’ll cut down your measurement time, save you money on drafting and incorrect material orders, and get you the most accurate data possible. Know that at Scope Technologies, we guarantee 95% accuracy on our ConcreteScope reports so you can rely on us for every concrete and asphalt project without a doubt.