Your business’ growth depends on maximizing profit. How do you do that? Lower overhead costs while still providing the same great service your company is known for.

BlueprintScope was developed to help architectural firms, engineering firms and new build project managers streamline the planning process and cut costs. BlueprintScope lowers the cost of drafting, estimating and bidding, and can completely eliminate your costs of:

  • Purchasing software
  • Paying employees
  • Paying employee taxes
  • Paying employee benefits
  • Paying for employee sick days, vacation days, personal days, etc.
  • All the extra costs associated with being an employer

On average, an employer that pays an employee an annual salary of $35,000 and expects them to complete 1,000 bids per year will save at least $22,500* by using BlueprintScope reports instead of paying that employee.

So how much can you save by using BlueprintScope? We’ve created a simple ROI calculator to help you find out how much you could save by ordering BlueprintScopes versus employing a drafter.

BlueprintScope can do so much more than just cut your overhead costs. Learn more about the other impactful benefits BlueprintScope can have on your business.

*Contact RoofScope to see how you can save even more with our bulk pricing options.