The Daunting Task of Introducing Technology (and How Your Team Can Conquer It)

In today’s world, technology moves fast which makes it challenging to keep up. New tools help save time, money, and boost productivity. In the construction world technology has become a popular buzzword but at times still falls behind the pack. It can be tricky for those that lay each shingle by hand and measure each rooftop with a good old fashioned tape measure to embrace technology.

Utilizing these 3 tips can help everyone successfully embrace technology at your construction company:

1. Highlight all the Benefits

Technology can make our lives easier, but that does not mean it's not daunting. Make sure your team understands why you've decided to implement a new technology is an excellent starting point. If you have a team that always goes onsite to give you estimates on roof repair, they may feel that the introduction of software like Roofscope can make them obsolete. Identify how technology will make their job easier and allow them to be more productive and bring more business to the company.

2. Embrace Your Tech Champions

Every team has at least one person geeking out over new technology. These people are going to be your champions for change! They will be able to convince reluctant coworkers when no one else can. Training one person and having them be available to answer questions is always a great idea. It's possible some employees may not fully buy into the benefits of technology until they see how easy it is. When they see how easy it was to learn, you'll see more positive change.

3. Training Makes a Difference

Never hand your team new technology and expect them to just "figure it out." People come to your team with varying levels of technological know-how. Have a point person that understands how to use the software and encourage everyone else to ask questions, and learn at their own rate. Also let them know that mistakes happen and as you're all learning, that's okay.

Remember, in order to gain the full financial value of the technology you invest in, you must make sure the whole team is involved. When everyone is not fully using the software gaps in communication will be created which will limit the effectiveness of implementing the value of any technology or software.

Successful implementation happens when you create a supportive environment that has open communication. As construction firms embrace technology, they are reaping the rewards of change with increased productivity, stronger collaboration, and projects completed on time and under budget. Strategically adopting and implementing tech solutions is not going away, but you are not alone! Scope Technology is here to help.

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