Three Way To Supercharge Your Constuction Business Now

The weather is warming up and the busy construction season is about to begin. Like many in the industry, you may have plans and projects piled on your desk, a phone ringing off the hook, and a team that is hanging over your desk waiting to get started. After the slow Winter and Spring season, it can be difficult to get back on track.
Now is the time to put on your game face and charge through the "busy" and move projects into delivery mode. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone got what they need season after season, so you don't have to wait to get projects going?
Here's how to prepare for the busy season so it isn’t overwhelming, and supercharge your construction business now. Here are three tools to start using right now:

ProDocs - Embrace (and you'll love)

One of the reasons everyone loves ProDocs is that it makes workflows easy. By pairing ProDocs with one of the other ScopeTech products we offer, you will not only spend less time on the job site but access information quickly. This means when your RoofScope report comes in you can quickly process an order for materials and invoice your client accurately. Plu,s your whole team can access this information to make collaboration easy.
A common problem with businesses is finding things when you need them. In fact, you may feel like you need an assistant! Since obstacles in organizing documents become a time management crusher for many, ProDocs lets you store everything in one place so you can easily access it.


One of our most popular products is our flagship product, RoofScope. You can quickly get measurements and calculate materials for any roof in under 48 hours or less. This will save you time and keep your team on the ground. RoofScope is a great tool to introduce to your team if they are new to using technology in their daily work life. Don forget, along with RoofScope, we offer takeoff reports for other areas of your business including Gutters, Siding, Paint, Insulation, and Concrete, as well as providing reports from Blueprints.

Invest in Project Management

Having a dedicated person managing your projects who are well trained in the ways technology can enhance your business. If you don't have a current project manager on staff, ScopeTechnologies can help provide any of your team members the basics with getting started. From here, your designated "ScopeManager" can not only help train the rest of your team but help keep each project during the busy season run with more success. So even if you don't have one in place, ScopeTechnologies can help you start the process of creating success builders!
For more information on how ScopeTechnologies can help you supercharge your construction business, contact us today!